Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find Frequently Asked Questions about about CNC Machining, Screw Machining and Precision Machined Products.

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1What are screw machine products?
Screw machine products are parts that are machined from bars of raw material. These products are used in a tremendous variety of applications, from automotive and recreation to medical and mining. Screw machine products are found in industry, construction, computers, lawn mowers, appliances, air bags, etc. Although fasteners are one item made on screw machines, these machines are used to make many of the parts people use every day. Screw machines make everything from knobs, ornamental bathroom fixtures, electrical components, and plumbing fixtures to name just a few.
2In screw machine work, what is the most cost-effective quantity to order?
Typically, as the volume increases, the per unit price decreases. This is due to set up costs being spread over a larger quantity of parts. At Orrco, we are experienced both with producing high volume machined parts and leveraging our Mult-Axis CNC equipment and experienced personnel to meet low volume orders economically.
3How can I reduce the cost of my machined parts?
Increasing the volume of your order is the most obvious way to reduce cost on a per part basis; however, there many factors to consider. A primary consideration is to reduce unnecessary labor at every step. Keep the dimensional tolerances reasonable and don’t build in extra tight tolerances that aren’t necessary for the end use. With today’s environmental concerns, parts handling and cleaning is a major area of cost. Especially in the area of threaded internal holes, parts cleaning adds to the final price. Some parts need individual packing and cleaning, but if your part doesn’t, it can reduce the cost of production. Considering placing year long commitments with monthly releases which allow raw materials and production scheduling to be done as economical as possible.
4Does Orrco help with part manufacturability design or suggest cost savings measures?
Yes, we love the challenge of bringing our engineering and production experience to bear on new challenges. We can offer technical assistance on machining protocols, selection of raw materials, and suggestions for cost savings in the manufacturing process. Keeping the end use of the part in mind, we can often find a minor design tweak, a change in material or tolerance, etc. that can result in a reliable, well-performing part at a reduced production cost.
5How can I be sure of getting good parts with an on-time delivery?
You can reduce the risk of receiving inferior parts or slow delivery primarily by choosing a reputable supplier and communicating your needs with that supplier. Make sure your supplier has a quality program that fits your needs. If you need a part on a regular basis, you can help assure reliable delivery and service by using a blanket order with regular scheduled releases. This type of order can also help reduce the per part cost of your precision machined components.
6Can my precision parts be manufactured on a rush basis?
Often they can, depending on the circumstances. If the raw material is available and the part fits into our job schedule, a delivery time of 1 or 2 weeks is often possible. If Orrco has previously produced the part, typically tooling and gages aren’t a problem.
7Why should I pick Orrco as my supplier for precision-machined products?
Orrco is an established fabricator of precision machined products, and we’ve been serving the precision products industry since 1946. We realize that our continued success is based on keeping the customer satisfied. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive your parts on time, at a reasonable price, while maintaining the quality you need.
8What are Orrco’s specialties as a precision-machined products company?
Orrco has a very wide range of facilities that allow economical, quality production of virtually any volume. Orrco excels in high-volume, precision manufacturing that requires complex secondary work. Beginning with your blueprints, we will custom design automated secondary equipment that enables cost-effective production of products to your specifications. Orrco also has specialized larger machines that are excellent for larger diameter parts that require heavy machining.