ORRCO is Committed to Meeting Your Cleaning Needs

ORRCO boasts a dedicated clean area designed specifically to meet the most demanding cleaning requirements, particularly in applications like medical devices. This specialized space is equipped with meticulously filtered air and ultra-pure deionized (DI) water, which undergoes continuous cleanliness monitoring to guarantee the thorough removal of all residual cleaning agents. Our cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning station comprises a wash station and two rinsing stations, each augmented with heat capabilities, reaching temperatures of up to 250°F, and ultrasonic waves to ensure impeccable cleaning. Following the rinsing process, a heated drying station guarantees a completely dry end product. Our flexibility extends to the use of various cleaning agents and tailored temperature settings to precisely align with your exacting cleaning prerequisites.

  • Dedicated Clean area with Filtered Air and DI Water
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Station
  • Heated Drying Station