Precision Machining Products

All machine shops are not created equal. At Orrco, we routinely meet the challenge for complex precision machined pieces. Our engineers have even designed and assembled Orrco’s own advanced production equipment to meet the needs of modern industry.

Do your parts require critical thinking, tight tolerance production, and exacting quality control?
At Orrco, we offer the perfect mix:

  • The experience and confidence to meet the most demanding specifications
  • Assistance in design and prototyping for precision machine products
  • Precision machining of tough materials

Multiple machining passes can be run in one operation or by relying on our secondary CNC machining centers. Want to learn more? Contact Orrco today.


Your Partner in Delivering Precision Machine Products

While you’ll appreciate our attention to detail, the best reason to choose Orrco is our people. They recognize the big picture. To them, your order is not merely a production run.

  • We work with you to find innovative approaches in meeting your production goals
  • We build and value relationships with every client, honoring delivery dates and our business commitments
  • High volume or small order, Orrco delivers the multiple machining and assembly operations you need

Why work with multiple vendors, diverse part numbers, and costly inventory when Orrco can provide “one stop shopping?” The ability to handle complex machining operations, deliver assemblies, and meet order volume reliably make Orrco an exceptional choice for precision machining.