High Volume Precision Machining

Do you need a specialty part produced in large volumes? Are multiple machining operations slowing down your high-volume orders and introducing errors? Orrco is the answer.

At Orrco, we excel in machining complex parts in high volumes. Our expertise extends to designing and building custom machining centers capable of handling multiple milling, grinding, and turning operations on a single part. When it comes to meeting your needs for cost, quality, and reliability through custom-developed machining centers, Orrco offers unparalleled experience and capability.

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Quality Control

At Orrco, your job order is monitored throughout production to assure compliance to your specifications.

  • Using quality raw materials in steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plastic, and carbide products
  • Documenting production from raw material to completed part
  • Programmable visual measuring machines
  • Orrco equipment calibrated on regular schedules to assure quality machining
  • Documented QA system

Once designs and prototypes are approved, volume production schedules and delivery dates are maintained through Orrco’s management systems.