Relying on Orrco Since 1946

From military applications to the mining industry, from valve production to electronic and medical uses, Orrco has proven its value to generations of engineers and successful businesses.

Using only high quality raw materials, our talented and experienced production teams fabricate superior quality products from steel, plastic, brass, stainless steel, copper, and carbide products.

Mining and Construction

Machined parts for the mining industry are used in extremely tough applications, and Orrco manufactures parts from steel and brass bar that stand up to the challenge. Orrco has a long history of experience in answering the needs of the mining industry, with a focus on drill bits, hydraulic fittings, and valve fittings.

Many of the solutions and approaches we have pioneered in mining apply directly to meeting the needs of our customers in the construction industry.

Medical Components

Orrco makes critical parts for the medical industry from quality raw materials to exacting standards. Our clean area allows these parts to be delivered to our customers ready to use in their critical applications.

Valve Bodies

Using brass and stainless steel bar stock, Orrco supplies the valve industry with machined components used in a wide variety of applications. These parts are typically made to exacting standards and can be found in industries such as medical, industrial gas, pressurized cylinders, and mining.

Electronics and Communications

Orrco supplies the electronics industry with precision parts fabricated from the quality steel and uses aluminum bar stock for a variety of components used in the communications industry.

Hydraulic Fittings

Orrco manufactures hydraulic fittings and couplings for use in disconnect assemblies.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

In addition to industrial and technical applications, Orrco’s screw machine products are used to make everyday life easier for the retail consumer. Our lawn and garden components are manufactured from brass, steel, or plastic and often used in sprinkler systems and lawn mowers. We also manufacture high quality gardening tools, such as hose nozzles, quick connectors, and adapters.

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Recreational Goods

Orrco produces parts from steel and plastic that are used in bicycles, airsoft, and other outdoor recreational products.

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